Building an Inground Hot Tub for Your Backyard

Building an Inground Hot Tub for Your Backyard

Are you considering an inground hot tub for your backyard? This is an exciting project that can make your backyard more enjoyable and relaxing. It can also increase your home’s value while providing a special retreat for stress relief and entertaining.

But like any home improvement project, you must consider multiple factors before jumping into this installation head first. Below, we look at some of the most important factors to consider before the work begins.

What is your budget?

Your first step before selecting a contractor to install your inground hot tub is to determine your budget. The hot tub market has expanded in the past few decades to include unlimited options for tub sizes, quality, colors and water features. The more bells and whistles you seek, the higher your end cost. There are also ways to save money on your project such as by selecting an affordable tub material.

How much space do you have for the placement of your hot tub?

For your inground hot tub to be safe, enjoyable and relaxing, you need to consider where it will fit on your property. Do you want it to become part of your patio or pool? Will it fit nicely in a back corner of the yard?

Will you landscape around the tub or do you want an adjacent deck for barbecuing and other social activities? It is important to measure your backyard and determine the area for the ideal fit.

Do you want the tub adjacent to your inground pool?

If you have an inground pool, are you installing a portable hot tub to finish the swimming pool area? Or will you install the inground hot tub and pool at the same time? These decisions can affect your budget, design, space and other aspects of the project.

Does your city require permits for an inground installation?

Each state has its own home improvement permit requirements according to building codes. Although above-ground hot tubs are generally permit-free, the same is not always true for inground hot tubs.

Have you budgeted for recurring monthly maintenance costs?

Your inground hot tub will cost much more than just the price of installation. Remember, you will need maintenance supplies on an ongoing basis. Also determine whether you will do the cleaning and maintenance yourself or hire a service.

Then, there are the costs of utilities – namely water and electric – required to operate your tub. Monthly operating costs are a major consideration that many people neglect to fully consider before installation.

What type of inground hot tub do you want?

There are so many options available for your new backyard spa that we cannot possibly list them all here. But you need to consider such choices before choosing the materials, design and layout you want for your installation.

For example, what material do you want for the tub’s interior shell? How about the exterior siding? To choose the outer shell, you may want to match your backyard aesthetic by using brick or natural stone. These are just a few options of many.

How to Make the Best Choices for Your New Inground Spa

As the above information reflects, you have many decisions to make before stepping into your new inground hot tub. The professional pool builders of All County Pools & Spa of Los Angeles help you through this process, including selection of the right materials, placement and features. Call us today at (818) 720-3316 to schedule your site inspection and consultation.

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