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Custom Pool | Things to Consider

It’s no secret that swimming pools are one of the best investments you can make in your home. Having a pool can bring so much joy and value to your life. Have you ever considered custom pools? Believe me, it’s a hundred times better than your regular swimming pool construction.

Take some time now and think about what kind of elements you want to be included in the design before construction begins as it can take between three to four months depending on how complex your plans are for this project. From fun pool parties and working out to relaxing lounging and sunbathing, a hot tub could be just the addition your backyard needs. How to begin is explained here.

Stick to the purpose

Before building a pool, it’s important to know why you want one. Are you looking for exercise space or somewhere your family can relax? How often do you need this for yourself and others? By knowing who will be using the pool most, we’ll make sure to build something that meets our needs best.

In order to get where we want to go, we must first determine what it is we want. And must know the reason why you have to build a pool?

Follow the laws

Law is important to every aspect of life. It affects people’s everyday lives on a daily basis, for better or worse. Laws are created and enforced by governments in order to maintain social order among their citizens.

So like every other law, there are some laws too for your pool building. Many people are interested in adding a custom pool to their homes, but they aren’t sure if the zoning laws allow them. Prior to beginning any construction project on their property, property owners should become familiar with these regulations. This thing will surely help you avoid any problems in the future.

Choose right shape

Choosing the right shape for the custom pool is extremely important because you may never get a chance to change it again. There are so many shapes to choose from when building a custom pool!

Not only that, but these pools can mimic almost anything. For example, why not have the shape of your favorite animal? You could even pick out a fun pattern or design if you really wanted to get creative with it!

right shape pool
right shape pool

Here are some ideas to start with.

Pools with free-form shapes are designed to mimic natural bodies of water, and often have a curved organic shape that resembles an actual shoreline. This type of pool design is meant for relaxing!

Consider Geometric Pools, these pools are designed with symmetrical curves and 90-degree angles which is perfect for a modern look.

Choosing a rectangular-shaped pool is the easiest to start with. There is nothing better than exercising and having fun while swimming in a rectangular pool.

This type of pool also works well as an in-ground swimming option, perfect for lap swimmers! This design is also considered an affordable pool design. So, it’s easy to go with it.

Pool shapes can range from simple rectangles to more complicated designs. Pool design is an opportunity for you to add something that reflects your personal tastes and preferences, so think about what kind of pool will look best in the context of your backyard!

It’s time to design

A custom pool is a great way to create the cozy backyard you’ve always wanted. When designing your new outdoor oasis, consider these important factors: pool size; color; material (concrete or fiberglass); shape/depth; and more!

If you want to take your custom pool game up a notch, try adding some of these water features! A zero-entry point is the easiest way for kids and especially toddlers to get into the water. Your design can be embellished by sitting rocks or decor near it so that they have something nice looking in their backyard when they aren’t using their pool.

Or if budget isn’t an issue, go ahead and splurge on one of those fancy solar covers with multiple functions like heating elements built into them.

It is easier than ever before to build a pool of your own. You can add waterfalls, tanning ledges, diving boards, and underwater benches to make a custom pool for guests of all ages!

The shallow beach-style entries at swim-up bars will be perfect areas to play water volleyball or basketball with friends while you get the sun on hot summer days. Don’t forget about inflatable toys in the shape of animals that kids will love playing football within their swimming pools either because they’re fun too!

Recycling system

A pool circulation/recycling system is necessary to remove contaminants from the water. Without a proper filter and pump, a swimming pool will become dirty quickly as it can be full of dirt, bacteria, viruses, or other harmful objects floating in the air that have fallen into the water through wind action.

The longer these remain inside your pool’s waters without being removed by filtration means more chances for you swimmers to develop ear infections caused by contaminated water getting trapped behind their eardrums when they take an underwater breath while diving under waves made through skimming movements across its surface.


When you neglect to properly clean your pool or maintain it with chemicals that are harmful to the environment (including humans), this is when things get dangerous. Additionally, not maintaining a swimming pool can be damaging in terms of its effect on surrounding properties; many people consider the state of their own backyard as part of what determines how much potential buyers will pay for their house.

Are you able to regularly maintain your custom pools? How often will need be needed and how much does it cost per visit before building a budget for this maintenance? Ensure that the total is doable long-term prior to starting any construction projects on your newly built-in ground pool.

Pool Maintenance
Pool Maintenance


A custom pool is worth the investment. They’ll be a hundred times better than your regular pool, and you can design them to include all of your favorite features. So what do you think? Is it time for you to get started on this project?

We’ll take care of every step in order to give you an end product that is as close as possible to perfection. Let’s work together now and make those dreams come true – a custom pool will change everything about how much fun people have at their homes with a swimming pool! If you are outside of Los Angeles, Ca then you can find local services by searching “poolscapes near me”.

With that said, we at All County Pools And Spa Inc offer a wide range of pool installation services in Los Angeles, California. We build pools for both homes and businesses. Also, we can create any type of pool that you desire but we do specialize in small, medium, and custom pools. We will help you from beginning to end so contact us today!


Is it possible to build my own pool?
It is definitely possible! You do not need to be an expert in construction to subcontract your own swimming pool but having an expert is a plus.

Does the process of building a custom pool take a long time?
The installation of a concrete-lined pool will take a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 50 days for a fully custom pool.

Do backyard pools add value to a property?
Yes for sure. Water and plants provide beauty, which will lead buyers to buy your house.

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