Important Considerations before Installing Fountains

Important Considerations Before Installing Fountains

If you are looking forward to the soothing and beautiful benefits of having one or more fountains on your property, there are some key things to consider before installation begins. When thoughtfully executed, these water features add value to a home or commercial property. In fact, they are often considered critical parts of aesthetic landscape design, keeping nature in balance. So, before you proceed with your project, consider some of the points and questions, below.

How Will Your Fountains Affect Property Maintenance?

Fountains of all shapes and sizes require at least periodic maintenance. After all, they seem to attract debris. But some require more routine work than others. Before choosing a style for your property, talk to your pool and spa professional about the required maintenance, how much these services will cost and what type of supplies are key to a healthy and operational water feature.

How Much Sound Will Your Fountain Produce?

Sound is an important aspect of fountain selection. Some create subtle and peaceful environmental effects. Others can prove too loud, actually even disrupting the peace or making it difficult to have a conversation nearby.

Talk to your pool and spa designer about the chosen design’s noise level and whether it will enable conversations or peaceful enjoyment. Of course, if your goal is to mask other noises like those of nearby traffic or businesses, you may want to make a louder choice.

What Is Its Weight?

Weight is important when selecting a water feature because its mass affects the budget. Installation costs are higher for heavy materials like cast stone. These are also more permanent installations than for lighter weighted fixtures. Being heavy also makes the fountain more difficult to relocate when you move or simply change your mind about its positioning on the property.

Do Fountains Require Winterization?

When choosing your indoor or outdoor water fountain and talking to your pool and spa experts before installation, it is also important to ask about winterization. If the temperatures dip into the freezing realm, what do you need to do to prevent damage? Should you drain the feature? Or, will you need to drain it and move it into a building for the season?

Do You Also Need to Purchase a Pump and Reservoir?

Some fountains are self-contained and simple to install. Others require separate purchase of a pump and reservoir and the help of a plumber or pool and spa professional for installation. These differences can make a big impact on your water feature budget.

But they also make features with integrated pumps and reservoirs easier to repair and longer lasting. It is important to know which type you want and whether your final choice meets your needs.

Is There a Splash Effect With Your Chosen Model?

Do not forget to consider whether your fountain sprays or splashes water during operation. This can affect placement of the water feature and seating around it. Always ensure the pump is the right amount of power for the fixture’s needs, not too overpowering. Also ask your pool and spa professional if the water flow of your chosen design is adjustable.

Important Considerations before Installing Fountains

Where Will You Place Your Fountains?

Before purchasing your fountain, it is ideal to have your pool and spa professional inspect your property and the chosen location for the water feature. They can tell you if the location offers enough space for the water feature’s size and vice versa. This will help you avoid buying one that looks big enough but gets lost on your property, or investing in a model that overpowers your garden around it.

Ask the Pros About Your Fountain Installation

With so many questions to ask and points to consider when buying and installing a water feature, it is important to talk to the pros about your options. The experts of All County Pools & Spa are pleased to help you select your ideal fountain for your Los Angeles County property. We provide a full spectrum of services, including installation and repairs. Call us today at (818) 720-3316.

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