Pool Features

5 Awesome Pool Features To Add To Your Pool Installation

It is always nice to build a quality swimming pool that is refined, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. This is why more and more property owners are starting to lean towards building a pool in their yard. While this is a wonderful idea, it’s also important to think about the features that come along with the pool itself.

Several viable features will add value to the pool area and how it looks. Here is a breakdown of what those water features are all about and why they are beneficial. Contact All County Pools & Spa Inc. to help install any of these pool water features in your Los Angeles home.

Pool Features

Types of Pool Features


This is a classic feature when it comes to new-age swimming pools. The idea is to have a subtle waterfall that works in sync with the swimming pool. It keeps the water flowing in the pool and provides a unique touch aesthetically.

It is a feature that draws the eye and can be done in several different ways adding a layer of personalization. Some of the most impressive pools in Los Angeles have an eye-catching waterfall feature.


The fountain is a beautiful water feature that is going to take the pool to the next level. With this particular feature, the idea is to have a small fountain in the pool that is going to spray water upwards. This creates a unique effect that adds to the pool and makes it stand out for all the right reasons.


The gentle flow of water that comes from scuppers along the side of the pool can be eye-catching. They have a distinct appearance that is easy on the eyes and just works well with modern pools.

They can go well with the foundation of the swimming pool and continue to let the water flow into the swimming pool creating a fascinating effect.


Bubblers tend to create a small burst of water that continues to flow in the pool. There is a constant rush of water that is set on one side of the pool and does offer a unique effect.

By having these set up, it keeps the water flowing and looks beautiful at the same time. It is a fun take on water features and doesn’t get in the way of the pool itself.


These are set along the inner wall of the swimming pool. The idea behind deck jets is to have a small burst of water pushing into the swimming pool from the side. This is a “jet” effect that is created to get the water flowing and can be charming to look at as well.

Some like how the jets provide a message-type feel in the swimming pool. Jets also add a fun way to circulate the water.

Benefits of Adding Water Features

Aesthetically Pleasing

The main benefit has to do with style and make it stand out. Instead of a traditional swimming pool, you can kick things up a few notches with these features. You can get past the idea of just a small body of water in the yard. Instead, you can add features that look great from all angles and make the pool an active part of the landscaping.

Fun Design

There is a high level of entertainment associated with these features. They catch the eye and you are going to notice them whether inside or outside the pool. As a result, it ensures the pool isn’t boring from afar.

Immersive Sound

A lot of people talk about the immersive sound and how it feels like they are relaxing on the beach. It creates a natural auditory effect that is impossible to ignore and quite relaxing. For those who love the sound of moving water, these features do provide something unique to take in.

Increases the Value of Your Pool

Property owners don’t mind increasing the value of their pool and property. These features are going to elevate the feature in your yard and add to the landscaping. It’s a win-win when it comes to both aesthetics and the overall value of the property itself.

Final Thoughts

For those who are thinking about adding a new feature or two, it is best to look at the ones listed here. These are some of the best options available right now and are going to take your pool to the next level.

If the goal is to go with the best possible feature then it’s time to call All County Pools and Spa Inc. right away.

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