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Are You Looking For A Heated Pool Contractor? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Do you desire to raise the value of your house? Enjoy the extended swimming season in your backyard. A heated pool can be the perfect solution for you. Swimming pool heaters can help you enjoy the perfect temperature of the water whenever you want. 

A pool spa is one example of a heated pool by heated pool contractors where you can enjoy being in the water at your desired temperature. Imagine having it installed in your backyard instead of buying one, which can be more costly if you already have an existing pool in your house.

All You Need to Know About Pool Heaters

 If you are thinking of installing, you probably have a lot of questions especially if you have zero knowledge about pool heaters.  Here are some of the questions that might come up in your mind.

1. What heater size does your pool need?

Determining the size of the heater you might need is important. Think first about how you will use your pool. To heat the pool faster, how often you use it, can be a factor in what size you should select. If you want to maintain a consistent pool temperature using a thermostat, a small pool heater should suffice.

2. How much will it affect your electric bill?

The effect of the heater on your bill will vary depending on what type of pool heater you have such as propane pool heater, natural gas heater, and heat pump. You can check the rates on the eia.gov website.

3. Where to buy a pool heater?

One thing you can do is to search online where to buy a heater. You can also ask for a local pool company which they are much more knowledgeable regarding that matter. This can also be difficult since you need to make a list of products and their prices.

 However, if you want to have it installed without thinking much about what problems might occur during the process of installation, you can look for a heated pool contractor. They will give you an idea and information on the possible cost and what type of heater can be installed in your pool such as solar pool heater and dehumidification system.

Why You Need a Heated Pool Contractor

Expect to spend money if you want your pool heated. But don’t worry, a heated pool contractor can do the work for you such as installing, and give you a breakdown of the costs. They can be much more knowledgeable about what types of heaters can be installed in the different types of pools such as hot tubs, outdoor pools, and indoor swimming pools.  

Save Time

The amount of time from planning and installing the heater can be exhausting especially if you don’t have the pool yet and are just starting to think of building it. Having a heated pool contractor can save you time because they are most likely the ones who will take care of everything for you. 

The workload of having a heated pool can be worrisome and you’ll need a lot of effort to supervise the process. It is best if you have a competitive heated pool contractor who can do things for you such as buying materials and finding people who will do the work.

A Plan

Having a plan before building something is important. It is your guide throughout the process. A heated pool contractor will help you to plan everything based on your preference. They are pool builders who can give you an idea of pool designs and give estimates of pool costs.  Having them will ease your worries about having a heated pool in your house.

High-Quality Components

If you are planning a DIY heated pool, it is likely that you will have a difficult time determining the right components to use. Looking for materials can be time-consuming and will need enough knowledge to find the cheapest materials with great quality. Heated pool contractors are builders who are professionals in the field can help you to find quality components since they have a vast network of different suppliers. A pool builder is not only talented in finding the best materials but also in the art of installing those materials.

Efficient in terms of Costs.

We believe that if we choose to do things our way, we can save money. However, most of the time, doing things by ourselves can be more costly, especially if we don’t know something about finding the best quality materials. It can be damaged in the long run, or it can have a minor issue upon installing it. That’s why you need to get the best heated pool contractor for your pool.

Working with a reliable heated pool contractor, you can be confident that the money you will invest will be worth it. Some heated pool contractors offer free estimates of the total cost of installing a heater in your pool.


We should never ignore the important consideration of safety when building a heated pool. From the worksite, making sure that the wires are safe is very important to avoid being hazardous. Not just the wires but the overall process must be carefully done to consider it a success. A heated pool contractor is a professional who can ensure the safety of the process of building and the safety every time you will use it.

Building an indoor pool and outdoor pool can be very difficult for us. If you work with the right heated pool contractor, you’ll be able to finish the project on schedule, on budget, and just as you had envisioned. Having the right people on your side might make all the difference in a project of this scale.

About All County Pools & Spa Inc.

All County Pools & Spa Inc. is an expert in giving both quality service and quality work to build you your dream pool and backyard renovation. Not just to build a pool for you, but to provide you with the best installation service in Los Angeles. All County Pools & Spa Inc. offers various services such as:

1.  Pool Installation

We will help you to design and build a new backyard swimming pool. We will guide you through every step of the building process since our pool installation services are like no other.

2.  Pool Remodel & Renovation

Set up a free appointment now to learn how we can modify your current pool. Our team of pool remodeling specialists will create the ideal strategy to rebuild your pool.

3.  Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing or retiling your pool will revitalize your outdoor swimming area. This extends the longevity of your pool and offers a cost-effective option to drastically alter its appearance.

4.  Pool Deck Installation

Does it seem like something is missing from your pool? Installing a deck may help you in a variety of ways, so you might want to check into pool deck installation.

The Los Angeles region has been served by All County Pools & Spa Inc for many years as a reliable pool installation business. All County Pools & Spa Inc. is the firm to contact for any building projects involving a pool or a backyard because of its demonstrated commitment to Los Angeles. 

Fill out the form on our website or give us a call right now to get a free quote on your job! We are eager to assist you with your next project.

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