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Different Types of Inground Pools

With the development and discovery of new materials in addition to the advancement in construction technology, there are now more than ever, different options available for homeowners in terms of finding the ideal backyard swimming pool for their home. After all, a swimming pool offers a way to beat the summer heat. 

All County Pools & Spa provides flexibility in giving you a pool with your desired size and shape while maintaining durability and stability. To guide you through making the best decision on what type of pool to install in your home, here is a list of the different kinds of in-ground swimming pool owners choose in the market together with additional information on their price and advantages.

1. Concrete Pool

The most common type of inground pool construction is concrete or gunite pools. This type of pool starts with the excavation of the earth and adding the structure of the steel. The pool shell is then made by spraying gunite which is a combination of sand, concrete, and water that is sprayed on the surface by using a hose. 

Once the concrete has dried, it is then coated with plaster which is a combination of cement and marble dust that can also be added with colored quartz for added beauty. This is what makes the pool waterproof which is why it is a crucial step in the process.

Other alternatives can be used for plaster such as pebble, glass aggregate, or tiles which have become popular in recent years. A pool made from reinforced steel with a concrete foundation has been trusted over time but it can be expensive, labor intensive, and could take several months to build. One reason for this is that concrete pools are vulnerable to cracks as the ground moves and settles.

2. Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Building a pool with a fiberglass shell is a great alternative to concrete when it is placed deep into the excavation process. This is much more costly than concrete but this treatment can last more than a decade before it starts to weaken. Its smooth surface makes it easy to preserve. 

As time passes by, however, fiberglass inground pools are prone to cracking and fading because of the essence of the material. This can be easily repaired but repairs can cause visible imperfections for the new shell wouldn’t match the original color.

3. Vinyl Pools

A vinyl liner pool is perfect for homeowners who want a low-budget pool. This type of pool uses a metal or a plastic frame with supporting wall panels, a foundation made of sand, and the vinyl liner itself as the shell. 

The lifespan of this pool can go for more than two decades especially if it is treated with UV and fungus inhibitors to avoid decaying of the vinyl. These types of pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes them easy to install in small properties which can go with any current landscape formation. 

The only disadvantage of a vinyl swimming pool is that it can easily be penetrated which can cause a pool to be unusable unless costly repairs are made.

4. Shipping Container Pool

A shipping container in a ground pool is a newer type of swimming pool. It’s a great way to support the environment for it goes through the sustainable process of upcycling metal shipping containers to build a swimming pool. 

It is generally more affordable than an extensive inground pool and they are highly portable which means you can take it with you when moving to another home. Shipping container pools are typically made with fiberglass liners which can be pre-assembled and placed above ground or below on a foundation of concrete pad or gravel. 

Other models include additional features of having clear viewing panels on the side or even hot tub partitions. The downside is that a shipping container pool has no structural walls that can cause it to fail. Additionally, their corrugated walls and wood floor can rust if not built properly.

5. Dunk Pool

New innovations in backyard pool technology lead to the creation of dunk pools. Their engineered pool designs are made of steel which makes them highly indestructible while taking up less space than traditional swimming pools. They can be placed in places not ideal for large in-ground or above-ground pools. 

They can be made in the shape of squares and rectangles which makes them the best choice for kids who want to play around as well as for adults who want to have a healthier lifestyle with aqua fitness exercises. 

The pool installation comes in a quicker process and costs less than traditional inground swimming pools. Have the upper edge and get a dunk pool that comes with temperature and lighting controls that can be accessed with the use of a smartphone.

Other Factors To Consider

Before making a choice for your investment in a backyard inground pool, you first have to know your purpose for using one. You would be surprised to know that the other types of pool might be just the ideal one for you that the one you have in mind. 

Contact a professional now and be guided on your options. Once you have made your decision, be sure to incorporate acid washing once your pool is built. It is a chemical process of cleaning your pool mainly with the use of hydrochloric also which is combined with water which is then sprayed onto your pool’s surface in order to remove any grime or build-up.

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