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Remodel Pool Coping to Make Your Pool Stand Out

If you have a swimming pool on your property, it is common to want to remodel the area every few years. A pool remodel allows you to express the evolution of your personal style and add safety features that will benefit your loved ones. All County Pools and Spa has the resources you need for expert pool coping and a wealth of information to help you decide which remodel coping option is right for you.

What Is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the process of identifying the material that covers the pool’s walls and edges. You can explore options such as natural stones, precast concrete, and tile. These materials can immediately make your pool decks and the surrounding area more welcoming. This method can ensure that the material around the pool coordinates with the materials used to decorate the outside of your home.

More On Coping Options

Choosing the right coping material depends on the type of pool you have and the design aesthetic you want.

Pour concrete coping allows the coping to be one complete unit with the deck. This method incorporates the coping over the edges of the pool so you won’t see any breaks in the finishing touch. This gives the pool area a clean look and makes the space appear larger.

You may also want to speak with the team at All County Pools and Spa about Poolforms, which are often used to form coping for pools. The forms are made with PVC plastic and fit into the liner track. This type of coping is ideal for pools that require a vinyl liner or for fiberglass or concrete pools that have a designated receiver track.

When the form liners, which are made of rubber, are inserted into the forms, you’ll have several profiles and textures to choose from to complete your pool area renovation. Poolforms are a time-efficient option and are often a more suitable choice than the Styrofoam forms of the past.

Natural stone is an option for coping and provides texture and warmth for the pool space. The stones used for this renovation can range from limestone to fieldstone or granite. Natural stone is popular for its rustic look but homeowners also gravitate toward this coping option because it will last for years and can still look appealing after years of use.

If you have an expansive pool area and want to make sure the deck is part of the pool remodel, you can talk to the pool professionals at All County Pools and Spa about precast concrete coping. This remodeling option gives you several patterns, colors, and textures to choose from. Concrete coping makes the pool area look polished and uniform as well. You can work with a team member to find the perfect design combination for your pool design goals.

When you’re ready to explore pool coping options, The All County Pools & Spa team is here to help. Schedule a consultation to speak with a qualified member of the design team. You’ll learn about the renovation process from start to finish and get all the information you need to make your pool look as good as new.

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