Backyard Remodel Services in Los Angeles

Backyard Remodel

Los Angeles experiences mild winters and warm and humid summers. People love to soak in the water as the temperature soars. But instead of going to the beach, you can enjoy your time in the water if you install a swimming pool in your backyard.

Think about it; you come back home drenched in sweat after a long day at work, and you have an entire pool where you can relax and unwind. Is it time to do a backyard remodel to your Los Angeles home?

Installing a pool may seem expensive, but at All County Pools and Spa, we assure you that you don’t need to spend a fortune. Whether you need a backyard renovation, new pool installation or resurface your old pool, you can rely on us to do our best without making you break your bank.

Backyard Remodel

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard not only makes it your go-to place during summers; it also increases your home’s value. Imagine earning a few thousand bucks more in the future by making a small investment now.

If these factors make you enthusiastic about a backyard makeover or installing a swimming pool, please go through our services to find out which backyard design ideas suit you. A beautiful backyard remodel is a great way to add value to your home and make your living space a relaxing retreat.

Pool Installation

We can develop any type of pool that comes to your mind. Our team is a specialist at making small, medium, and even custom pools. Some of the most common pools in LA that we have already worked on are in-ground pools, vinyl pools, infinity swimming pools, custom pools, and concrete pools. When you hire us, we take appropriate measurements, inspect the ground conditions, and then proceed to install the pool you want.

Pool Remodel

All County Pools and Spa can transform your existing pool if it’s in bad shape. Sometimes pools need remodeling because of poor maintenance. Or maybe you want to upgrade your pool from a small to a medium model. You can trust our team to remodel your pool without charging a fortune.

We understand that a pool is a necessity for many families. It becomes the best place for the entire family to spend quality time. And hence, upgrading to a bigger pool makes sense. Allow us to work on your pool and make it look new again.

Pool Resurfacing

A pool in a Los Angeles home becomes the center of attraction during summers. It is not only the place to relax after a long day’s work, but you can also soak up the sun if you want a tan. But it’s essential to keep your pool in good condition if you want to enjoy its perks for most parts of the year. And that’s why occasional pool resurfacing is so crucial.

New pools look smooth and shiny because of their polished finish. But the surface deteriorates over time. It becomes rough due to regular wear and tear. When that happens, we can come over and resurface your pool.

In fact, you never know if your pool has a leak. And a leak can make pool maintenance that much tougher. You wouldn’t be able to maintain its proper chemical balance. Unbalanced chemicals in your pool can lead to rapid algae growth, making chlorine practically ineffective.

Even if you can’t detect a leak, we can. And addressing a leak in time reduces the resurfacing cost. A comprehensive pool resurfacing will cover the leaks and retain the pool’s appropriate chemical balance.

Pool Plastering

Old pools may have dents and cracks along their sides. These can easily lead to leaks. We recommend that you contact us for pool plastering services to prevent that from happening.

Unlike pool resurfacing, pool plastering focuses on a specific area. It’s a small job, and we usually finish it on the same day.

Landscaping services

Apart from various pool remodeling services for your backyard or outdoor spaces, we can also decorate them with landscaping designs. From installing an outdoor barbecue to fitting a retaining wall, we have tons of options. All you need to do is allow us to visit your property and recommend the best service. Or, you can always tell us what to do, and we will follow your orders.

Our landscaping services include landscape designs, outdoor barbecue, cabana installation, pool deck installation, patio cover installation, waterfall installation, fire pit installation, and retaining walls.

You can contact All County Pools and Spa at (818) 720-3316 to get a free quote or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us regarding the service you need.

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