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7 Reasons to Build A Pool In Your Backyard

Everyone loves having a pool in your backyard. This is a pastime as old as can be and a great way to kick back and relax in one of the greatest forms of exercise around. But, the daunting trip to the beach or the local swimming pool can make anyone change their plans. 

Your home swimming pool is not just a beautiful addition to your home and a stunning symbol of affluence, it is also your ticket to all the fun and good exercise of good swimming in the comfort of your home. Pool installation can be a large investment for sure, but it comes with plenty of rewards. Pool installations have been climbing higher and higher in recent years and with good reason.

In the following article, we will take a look at some of the top reasons to consider getting a pool for your home.

1. A Pool In Your Backyard Can Add Convenience

A backyard swimming pool is the best place for hanging out on the weekend, planning a friendly BBQ and even just chilling on a hot afternoon. Houses that will be getting in and out of the pool will have all the advantages and amenities of home just a few steps away. This means that kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are right there for your family and guests. 

2. Precise Pool Selection

Not everyone has the space to place a full Olympic size swimming pool in their yard, but, that’s ok. A professional pool installation company will work with swimming pool designs and choose the perfect location for your pool. We can then help you create pool ideas that will meet all your expectations.

Do you want something shallow or deep? Suitable for healthy exercise or better suited to small-kids? You would be surprised at how many options are available to you. 

3. Privacy

Beaches and public pools are fun and exciting for sure, but you will also have to be competing with an army of like-minded swimmers for good locations – furthermore, you have absolutely no privacy. In your own pool, your backyard swimming paradise can be hedged in with trees, shrubs and fencing that blocks out prying eyes. This is great for those looking to enjoy their swimming practice without being on display. 

4. Aesthetics

A pool is a lot more than a good place to hang out with the family. When properly designed and installed by the professionals, your pool could be the envy of the block. A luscious sapphire pond set in verdant surroundings.

You can even take things a step further with waterfalls, rock formations and a host of other landscaping features. People love the fresh feeling of water on a warm day and the soothing sounds of water in a waterfall is perfect to complete the paradisiacal look. 

4. Increase The Value of Your Home By Adding A Pool In Your Backyard

According to recent studies in the real estate sector, building a pool does more than just increase the functionality of your home, it increases the value as well. The right pool installed by a team of experienced pool installation professionals can improve the home’s value by as much as 15%. When it comes time for a move and to sell your home, a pool can help move your home off the market much faster.

5. Safety

This should probably have come in first place. Safety is an important consideration especially when installing a pool in a home with small children. The good thing about having a pool in the home is that it allows you to have more control over what is happening and a faster response time should any emergencies arise. You should always make sure that your pool is fit with fences and other forms of security, but when it comes to responding to a crisis mere seconds count. 

6. Enjoy Family Time With A Pool In Your Backyard

When you build a pool in your backyard, you are also making an invaluable investment in the type of family dynamic you are building. A pool is a fun and relaxing place for your children and family to spend time together and build some memories. Swimming, bonding and playing in your homes pool will become a major part of your family dynamic.

7. Stay Healthy And Active

Keeping fit and healthy has never been more fun. It can be costly and inconvenient to drive out to your yoga studio, gym, or health club each day for healthy exercise. But, swimming tops it all as a low-impact, high-intensity cardio workout for the entire body. You can ensure the future health and well-being of your family with the right selection of pool for you. 

Final Notes on the Advantages of a Backyard Pool

Of course, these are only a few of the extensive range of benefits that come from having your own home pool installed by the local professionals. You will also have a place to take a cooling dip at days end. Also, a great activity to fight stress and help you unwind and you will sleep better than you even have before if this sounds like the life adjustment you are looking for call us today to book a free estimate now.

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