Pool Size

Choosing the Right Pool Size for Your Backyard

Pool Size

As summer approaches and the restrictions on movement caused by COVID-19 regulations fade away. (we hope forever). There is that wonder of the summer sun – and in places like Los Angeles, California sun-worshippers come out to play.

However, many people want to stay and enjoy the comfort of their own backyard. Why go out there when you have become comfortable in that haven from the continual stress – stay at home. Invite others over to enjoy the sun – and that pool. So what pool size is right for your backyard?

For many having a pool is a dream! But that dream can become a reality with our pool installation services. Also, depending on space it can be a reality that leads to a better lifestyle, at a fraction of the price for other home improvements.

There’s also the fact that the value of your home will be significantly improved by having a pool. Also, your lifestyle will simply deliver a greater reward.

Choosing the Right Pool Size in Los Angeles

But the question is always what size of pool would be best for your family and your entertainment needs. The question is important and the answer may surprise you.

The size and type of pool that you need will always be dictated by the size of the property that you have. A backyard is used for many things. It is that wonderful part of the family experience.

When deciding what size of pool would best suit your individual requirements? You have to keep in mind what that pool will be used for. During the design process make sure you have calculated the right swimming pool sizes with a proper pool size calculator.

Standard Pools Sizes in Los Angeles, CA

For those with a smaller family, a 16 foot by 32-foot pool is more than sufficient. That’ll be great for those who want to invite over a couple of other families with few kids. Remember the pool shape is also important – that classic kidney shape should not be ignored as an option.

It’s stood the test of time! It will always add value to the home – and adding value to the lives of those who live there through sheer fun.

If you have a small circle of friends with no kids – then the pool does not need to be large. In fact, even for the mid-sized family, a pool that measures 18 foot by 36-foot will be more than sufficient. That’ll also be great for modest entertaining.

However, if you are going to be hosting a grill-based and water-filled party which will be a large gathering then you are going to have to invest in a pool that has a significant footprint. However, it all depends on how you will be using that pool. For those who will be swimming laps, the requirements are very different from the household and homeowner who simply wants to have those who are visiting or the members of the family cooling off and having fun.

Best Pool Size for Your Los Angeles Backyard

The end result of all the research must be a simple return on investment – that return must be evaluated in a number of ways. The first must be the amount of space that is available. This is not an inconsequential consideration. The amount of space that is available after the paving around the pool is installed also needs to be taken into account.

It may be better to sacrifice sheer size for functionality. How many people are going to be in the pool at any one time – it’s a question that needs to be answered before the purchase decision is made.

When all is said and done it all depends on lifestyle – what do we need to make our lives more fulfilled? The old saying that size does not count may in actual fact be true – size and function need to be carefully balanced. And this is true when making the decision of which size of the pool is best for the individual homeowner and their families.

There is also the balance of cost and materials and disruption to the functioning of the household. Deciding which size pool to choose is not as simple as it might appear at first glance – but careful consideration of the various factors that would make it a good investment – including size are all incredibly important when it comes to enjoying that perfect day with family and friends.

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