Natural Stone Hot Tub

Natural Stone Hot Tub Ideas in 2022

Why would you want a natural stone hot tub? A backyard hot tub installation will offer you the most luxurious bath experience ever. If equipped with enhancements such as spa pads, a creative backyard design, a reinforced deck, and a state-of-the-art water feature, it will serve as a focal point of any outdoor installation.

In a place such as Los Angeles, having a natural stone hot tub in your own home would definitely amaze guests and serve as a wonderful asset to your fancy home. Let’s take a closer look at the best ideas that would greatly enhance your natural stone hot tub.

Create the perfect backyard design for your hot tub

If you’re looking for the perfect backyard design to add to your hot tub, a splash of greenery will never go amiss. Consider the hot tub foundation, concrete pads, electric connection, electrical outlets, and installation costs. 

Depending on the size, you could opt for wall-hanging planters, or even create a living wall using a set of planting pockets, filled with scented herbs to up the sensory appeal. But, if you’d rather skip the maintenance, you could always opt for faux foliage instead, especially if your space doesn’t get much sunlight.

Surround your natural stone hot tub with trees

Have you heard of the phrase ‘forest bathing’? It’s an idea from Japan (and otherwise known as shinrin-yoku), and it’s all about zenning out amongst trees. It’s known to help de-stress and boost well-being, in a natural and mindful way.

To enjoy the experience in your own plot, hot tubs require that you pick the best backyard trees or – for smaller spaces – the best trees to grow in pots. 

Do not forget the water feature of your hot tub. You can use the water from your garden hose or hot tub to water trees and the greenery you surround yourself with!

Add LED lights to light up your tub in the evening

Research indicates that LED lights for your tub may actually have greater benefits than just being visually stimulating. In installing a hot tub, if you have an electrical panel nearby, you can create adjustments as to the aesthetics of your project. 

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is the science of using the visible spectrum (or colors) to promote health. Chromotherapy dates back all the way to ancient cultures who started studying the health effects of light and color and how they work hand-in-hand. While there can be a wide variety of opinions on chromotherapy effectiveness, researchers theorize that, among other things, color has a noticeable effect on mood. For example, being exposed to some colors will induce happiness, while others will help you to calm and relax your mind.

What are you waiting for? Create the perfect natural stone hot tub setup!

Remember, these natural stone hot tub ideas will enhance your baths and give you an experience like no other. In a place such as Los Angeles, having a natural stone hot tub in your own home would definitely amaze guests and serve as a wonderful asset to your fancy home. 

With a couple of level concrete, concrete slabs, and once done let it get filled with water to complete the new design. Our ideas will enhance your bath experience and make your natural hot tub sessions memorable. It’s a different experience compared to swimming pool installations.

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