Fire Feature for Pools

Adding a Fire Feature for Pools in Los Angeles

Looking for the next decorative piece to install into your beloved home? If you build a pool area, one of the best ways to maximize the space is by adding a fire feature for your pool. Aside from the purely aesthetic design, it will definitely add up to the ambiance, especially during pool parties. In a fun-filled place such as Los Angeles, your home definitely deserves improvement.

Especially during the summer, many homeowners prefer to spend a chunk of their time outdoors. It’s also a great time to enjoy the company of family and friends. While a swimming pool is all that you need to start a pool party, you can also build up fire features, pool walls, pool features, diving boards, pool decking, or even small fire bowls to create the perfect pool ambiance available.

Top Reasons to Get a Fire Feature for Your Pool:

Best Place To Warm Up

During the summer, it might be a great place to hang around. But during cold autumn evenings is where you might derive the most practical convenience – heat. By adding a fire feature, you can enjoy a chilly evening with your favorite drink while enjoying the natural heat that you get from the fire feature. With a fire and water design as part of your home, maybe a swim-up bar can complete the look which works best if you’re the type to host parties.

Outdoor Cooking Place

What’s great about most fire features is that it can be adjusted and utilized for a variety of purposes. One of them is that you can use your fire pits as a means to cook food whether marshmallows or hotdogs. If you’re planning on maximizing the fire features, you can also purchase additional accessories to create the best pop-up grilling station for any occasion.

Easy Maintenance

A fire feature can be customized depending on your preferences. In fact, some of them don’t need to be wood-burning. This means that you can also make use of gas or propane models depending on your neighbourhood needs. Either way, they are still easy when it comes to maintenance considering that you don’t need to clean up every now and then. 

Price Availability

Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes. There are simple fire bowls to intricately design water features that can drive the costs up. The best part is, that you can always create one that depends on your allocated budget. With tons of selections when it comes to materials and tools, simply focus on what you need. 

Usually, contractors also have their own discounted rates on top of the service fee. This means that you can get much heftier savings with your project compared to if you’re building one yourself. Simply put, this means that you don’t need to worry about going above and beyond your budget to get your ideal pool fire bowl alongside your pool design.

Increases Home Value

Adding a fire pit definitely comes at a cost. But one way of looking at this cost is by also seeing it as an investment. The beauty, convenience, and things you can do with a fire pit or even a spillover spa will surely enhance not just your pool, but also your home in general. 

There are also tons of different features to add aside from an outdoor fire. Either way, it will definitely be the focal point of the external design of your house. And as you continue to build into your home, you’re not just investing in your day-to-day lifestyle, but also towards the overall value of your home. A win-win situation especially if you’re planning on selling and moving homes sometime in the future.


Here are some of the important reasons for you to consider if you’re planning on getting a fire feature for your pool. It definitely has tons of convenient uses all year round while adding a beautiful and aesthetic touch to your beautiful home. Even the simple additions of blue waters, deck jets, and pool lighting on top of your existing pool can definitely add value to it. Pool parties and home relaxation will definitely take a notch up.

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